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The Deal I Made with God - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As I write this, Seth is doing great! Now it was time for me to do my part of the deal. The word that kept coming to my mind was abortion. Why that word? I hate that word, because it’s a very upsetting topic to think about. I even have a hard time saying it.

I am a hairstylist so I regularly talk to a great number of people. It was around the time of the presidential election when I noticed that word was repeatedly mentioned. I got to hear many people's opinions on the subject. Some of them completely shocked me. I couldn’t believe that people vote for something they know very little or absolutely nothing about. I have learned that we can’t make an informed decision about something we know nothing about. The only way to make the best decision is to search out facts and arm ourselves with truthful information. The more we know, the better the decision, especially regarding something so vitally important.

One man said that during the debates he heard that Planned Parenthood offered mammograms, so he wanted to support that. When I heard that I did some research and found that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms at all; they can only give referrals. That was false information that had clearly been used to mislead people. You would think people would verify the facts, before passing them on as truth. That’s why it is so important to research information ourselves, because we can’t always believe everything we hear. Another man said he thought partial birth abortion was when an abortionist gives a shot and the baby just goes to sleep before dying. I couldn’t believe someone could believe that! I responded, saying it was far more bloody than that, and that he should research the subject for himself. Another man in his seventies told me that he too supported Planned Parenthood. I asked him if he’d ever been in a Planned Parenthood clinic or knew anyone who had, or if he even knew anyone who had an abortion. He said he’d paid for his son’s multiple girlfriends to have abortions, but he’d never been in a clinic or gotten too involved. Although I understood that he felt he was helping his son. I wanted to say to him, “You didn’t personally live through that experience, and apparently those clinics didn’t help your son at all, because if they were helping, that problem would not have recurred. Some women said they thought that it was a woman’s right to do whatever she wanted with her body. I responded that it wasn’t just about her body, but also affected the welfare of another living individual, the infant and its right to live. A few others said they thought having an abortion would be better for the child, saving it from a life of poverty, neglect or abuse. But I had to wonder -- who are we to decide who lives and who dies? We can’t possibly know what will happen in their lives, because every life is different. Every child is precious to God who has a plan and purpose – a destiny that only that child can live out. Every single life is a gift!

Why is it that when it’s a desperately-wanted child or planned pregnancy people say, “They’re having a baby”, but when the pregnancy is not wanted or planned, some refer to the baby as little more than tissue or a fetus. Some people feel that they have the right to choose whether to have a baby or to have an abortion. The distinction seems to be confusing to some people. The question now is this: what does that pregnant uterus contain—a blob of flesh or a live infant? Is it a baby or is it not? There have been many cases where a pregnant woman was murdered and the killer was held responsible for the deaths of both mother and child. So why is it when someone else is responsible for the death of an unborn child it’s considered murder, but if a woman has an abortion that’s permissible, because it’s her right – her choice.

Susan Smith made the choice to drown her two sons and she went to prison for it. The only difference between someone who chooses to have an abortion and Susan Smith choosing to drown her sons is that we can’t physically see the unborn child. I honestly feel there is no difference, the reality is that it’s someone’s life!

Fortunately, most people I talked to about an unborn child said they thought it was a little person’s life! My husband said he was glad his mom didn’t choose to abort him, and so am I! We should all feel this way, because every life is important no matter how small!


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