Pro-Life is Pro-Love: The Case against Criminalizing Women

The pro-life movement has long opposed criminalizing women as it seeks to ban abortion because it protects the abortionist, while endangering the life of the mother. Our movement recognized early on you save the baby by saving the mother, and we have been doing just that for over 40 years. ​Our nation’s legal history demonstrates a long record of targeting the abortionist, while treating the woman as a second victim. According to Americans United for Life’s Senior Counsel, Clarke D. Forsythe: [The policy of targeting abortionists] was based on three policy judgments: the point of abortion law is effective enforcement against abortionists, the woman is the second victim of the abortionist, an

TLC has identified and is backing a record number of life-saving bills this legislative session, and

Last week, the Senate held hearings on the Texas Born Alive Infant Protection Act (SB 23-Kolkhorst), and Informed Consent clean-up bill (SB 24-Lucio) and the bill that would prohibit local government contracts with abortion providers or their affiliates (SB 22-Campbell). All three were voted out of committee! SB 22 was subsequently passed by the full senate and sent to the House for consideration. All of these bills are priorities for Texans for Life. The Texas Born Alive Infant Protection Act was heard Monday of last week. Democratic members of that committee, all women who ardently support abortion, boycotted the committee and refused to hear testimony from abortion survivors: Gianna Jess

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