Trigger Bans: The Next Right Step?

By: Kyleen Wright, Linden Patterson Roe v. Wade has been on a collision with science from the beginning. Medical advances that have improved sonograms and pushed the viability date to around 22 weeks have only accelerated that collision. To be sure, however, the addition of Justice Kavanaugh to the nation’s high court has heightened hopes and fears that Roe’s demise is looming. In response to the changing makeup of the Supreme Court, states like New York, Vermont, New Mexico, Illinois and a few others appear locked in competition for the dubious distinction of Abortion Rights Capital of the US. Abortion advocates and their allies in the Democratic party have moved at a feverish pace

It’s a Wrap!

The 86th Legislature of Texas has adjourned sine die, so let’s take a look at what pro-life measures passed: HB 16 – The Texas Born-Alive Infant Protection Act – by Rep. Jeff Leach, sp by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst This bill, waiting on the Governor’s signature, requires a hospital transfer for infants born alive, provides for a whistleblower hotline, and ups the penalties for doctors who don’t comply to a fine of at least $100,000, and makes the offense a third-degree felony. While critics and the media describe babies surviving abortion as “extremely rare,” and point out no live births have been reported since 2013, they fail to note that the state began collecting and reporting this data only

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