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About TLC

Texans for Life has been working to build a culture of life in Texas since 1974. We were proud to sponsor the state’s life-saving sonogram law and were one of the main architects of HB 2, which together will save tens of thousands of babies and better protect their moms—in Texas. Onward together, for the precious lives of Texas Babies and Women!


I was prolife for sometime but until I was able to participate in being proactive through Texans for Life I can prove my beliefs through my volunteering...

- Shelly, Irving, TX

I have to thank you, because of your work on the sonogram bill, my niece is here today because my sister had to have a sonogram and

she couldn't get an abortion.  The entire family can't imagine life without this sweet baby girl.

My son asked lots of questions about why it is important to speak about abortion, Texans for Life taught him after one event the importance of standing for life.

- James, Houston, TX

- Shauna, Dallas, TX

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