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What We’re Up Against in 2024

Spoiler Alert: it is NOT over & pro-aborts are fighting harder than ever


Our mission to change hearts and save lives hasn’t changed, but the stakes have—they are higher than ever before.  Abortion extremists are fighting fiercely to enshrine abortion in a far greater way than even Roe v. Wade allowed.  We can continue to win with the truth, but we need your help to do it.


Virtually every poll shows that people remain pretty evenly divided on the issue.

o The law is the teacher, and for 50 years it taught“bodily autonomy” over the life of your child.

o No law can stand without the support of its citizens, and we may have gotten ahead of public opinion in some regions, as evidenced by massive losses each time abortion has been on the ballot.

o We lose even among many pro-lifers on the “hard” cases (rape, incest, fetal anomaly). NY Times, citing Gallup Polls, estimates we have lost 10% of our voters.

o This is why Democrats are running on their support for abortion, while Republicans are softening their positions on abortion.


Abortion extremists control much of the media & Hollywood, who parrot their lies.

o The media misrepresented the numbers of women who died pre-Roe from illegal abortions.

o The press trusted abortion activists who lied about late abortions – refused to acknowledge they were allowed under Roe, much less happening in large numbers or for frivolous reasons.

o They continuously repeat lies about pregnancy help centers.

o They are often master manipulators and masterfulstorytellers, whose efforts have accelerated since the Dobbs decision.

o We have never had these people, which is why we rely on your church and small groups to spread the truth.


Abortion extremists control the Whitehouse, the US Senate & are dangerously close to controlling the US Hous

o The Whitehouse has abused the rule-making process to flood states with dangerous chemical abortion pills, force VA Hospitals to provide abortions, force the military to pay for abortion vacations, tried to force doctors & nurses to commit abortions, and tried to expand abortion exceptions in states with bans.

o The Senate wants to replace pro-life Justice Thomas with an abortion extremist.

o Control of the House would allow abortion extremists to enshrine unlimited abortion into federal law, eliminating all Texas’ pro-life protections.


Abortion extremists and activists are motivated more than everand their allies are powerful. The fight is far from over.  We may be fighting from the high ground with a state ban, but they aredangerously close to winning it all back – and more.  We cannot let that happen on our watch!  


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