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Consider the corners of your fields: How pro-lifers can prepare for a post-Roe world

“And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, nor shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am the LORD your God.” Leviticus 23:22 (Deut. 19:9, 10; Deut. 24:19-21; Ruth 2:2, 15)

In the Old Testament, in Leviticus, we learn that God required his people to leave the corners of their fields for the poor, the traveler, the fatherless and widows. Later we see that this was how God cared for Ruth, who would become great grandmother to King David.

God didn’t say how big the corners had to be – but one’s generosity (or lack thereof) was on display for everyone to see – big lot, small corners = stingy heart; small lot, big corners = giving heart. This extra provision for the poor was totally separate and apart from offerings and sacrifices the Lord required.

As we prepare for the very real possibility of a post-Roe world, there are those who are all ready to claim victory and retire.

I submit that more will be required of us than ever before, as there will be many more desperate, vulnerable women seeking help as dozens of states move to ban abortion.

Will women stop getting pregnant in this broken, chaotic world? Will families be magically made whole and supportive of single, pregnant moms? Will men stop abandoning their women? No, no and no.

I was once one of these vulnerable moms, after leaving my husband in the middle of the night with four sons, ages 2, 3, 5 and 7. We are living trophies of God’s provision through His church.

This is a huge mission field (read: opportunity to show God’s love) and see this moment as our time to shine.

In talking with pregnancy centers around the state, almost all mentioned the same things over and over. Federal and state governments have tried with limited success to address many of these issues. It’s time for the church – you and me — to see how we can step up even more. It’s time to think about the corners of your fields.

Housing – Do you have rental units? Perhaps you could work with a pregnancy center to offer limited or subsidized housing for a mother and her children who are struggling to get on their feet.

Counseling – Are you a counselor or know someone who is? Many of these moms have suffered past trauma – sexual and physical violence. They’re often struggling to raise children, not only without a father, but often without other family support. Many have already lost custody of some of their children because of addiction or poverty. Counseling is a real need and a few donated hours on Zoom each month could be a real lifeline to a struggling mom and her family.

Child Care – Are you able to rock babies while their moms learn? Some pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes desperately need your help rocking babies while moms take evening classes on site.

If you’re a teacher, many struggling moms need a GED, ESL classes, life skills and computer proficiency.

Speaking of computers, got a computer business? Most of us take for granted our computers but you’d be surprised how many moms don’t have one. Donations of new or refurbished computers after completing computer training would be a Godsend to them.

Are you a handyman or engineer who knows how to fix things? Many PRCs supplement their income with a resale shop, but a lot of their donations are discarded because they need repair.

Are you an attorney who could help the boards of the PRCs or maternity homes? Perhaps even help some of these moms get their licenses back, etc.

Got a used car you might donate? Able to provide a few rides to doctor appointments or a job?

Are you an employer willing to hire moms with a few dings on their record?

Does your business offer gift cards? Many PRCs use gift cards as incentives to encourage young moms to attend targeted educational classes.

Are there folks in your church who could help with some of these things?

Maybe we aren’t much of an agrarian society anymore, but the concept is the same. So, I am asking you, what are the corners of your fields?

Your corners can be as small or large as your circumstances allow, and I pray they are large!

The whole word is watching to see if we ”get it right” in Texas and other states. I pray the church is found shining brightly.


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