Veteran Pro-Lifer of 42 years asks, "Who's Scamming Whom?"

Houston-based Texas Right-to-Life Group singled out for making false and misleading statements this legislative session. One of several pro-life groups in Texas recently sent out an email blaring, "They're scamming Pro-Life voters." My question is, who is really scamming whom? This complaining group is attempting to define the pro-life movement and the success of the 85th legislature by one bill: the dismemberment ban. This dismemberment ban targets one abortion procedure, dilation & extraction, and may never save a single baby. Senator Charles Perry remarked when he laid out the bill in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee that the bill would not challenge Roe because rather tha

Spring in Texas Brings Signs of Life

Spring is all about the celebration of new life. April showers have indeed brought May flowers. The natural beauty of Texas wildlife is on display and new flowers have begun to bloom. As we enjoy the sunny weather and celebrate signs of new life. We should also celebrate all the work done by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in the Senate and Chairman Byron Cook in the House to promote and support a culture of life in Texas. Texas is blessed with an abundance of pro-life ministries, including approximately 200 pregnancy help centers. Our state has birthed many innovative, original and international movements (Gabriel’s Angels, Forty Days for Life, Embrace Grace, And Then There Were None, Heroic Medi

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