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Walk for Life 2023

Why Have a Walk?


29 Years of “Walking the Walk” 

Abortion is illegal in Texas, but abortion activists are working overtime to undo our Life victories. Illegal and dangerous abortion pills are flooding our state and putting our young girls and women at risk. Abortion is still legal in most states, and Texas leads on life, here and in Washington, D.C. Speaking of D.C., without a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, we will always be at risk of losing everything to a pro-abort majority that wants to codify Roe v. Wade into law. Our work is far from over, and we depend on your help to protect moms and babies, as we work to make abortion unthinkable.

When you “Walk the Walk,” you are partnering with Texans for Life by:

  • Effectively advocating for education that changes hearts and strengthens our Culture of Life, so that our life-saving laws like the Trigger Ban and the Heartbeat Ban are protected and abortion does become truly unthinkable.

  • Taking aim at the heart of abortion by encouraging young people to wait for marriage

  • Promoting life through record-setting rallies, speeches, workshops, newsletters, and the web—alerting and educating churches, pastors, students, and grassroots activists, enabling them to better advocate for and protect moms and babies.

Central Texas Walk Site - Saturday, May 6th at 10 A.M.

·       Fredericksburg: 

            Fredericksburg Public Library

            (Gazebo at the back of Library)

For more information, call Texans for Life Coalition

at 972-790-9044 or 817-572-1115, or visit us at
5616 Forest Bend Dr., Arlington


Bring your sponsor forms to any walk site, and join us for fun & fellowship. You don’t have to go to a walk site. You can walk for life from anywhere and even on a different day. Come rain or shine.

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