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Meet The Team

Kyleen Wright

Kyleen is the President of TLC who has worked as the chief strategist and planner, lending her considerable talents as a writer, public speaker and public relations liaison to the overall efforts of the largest pro-life organization in Texas. As the mother of four men, she knows firsthand the importance of protecting and guiding our young people if our country is to remain strong in the future.

Betty Garcia has been working in the pro-life movement for over 30 years, serving Texans for Life Coalition and its predecessor organizations in a variety of leadership positions.  She is the secretary of the organization and a cherished member of the team.

Jacqulyn joins TLC as Director of Education and Policy.   Bringing over thirty years of pro-life advocacy and doctoral research identifying barriers in finding health and safety information by women experiencing homelessness during their pregnancy positions Jacqulyn to advance TLC Educational and Policy development.  As a mother of three boys and servant leader with a heart for the community’s marginalized, she is aware of the importance of advocacy and of preparing our younger generations to develop and maintain a culture of life.

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