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With years of experience within the Pro-life communities, Texans for Life Speakers Bureau gives you access to all the brightest leaders and motivational speakers, inspiring, informative Prolife insight for corporate groups, Churches, associations, schools & colleges.

Texans for Life travels around the State of Texas to convey the pro-life message. We offer internships, retreats, training seminars, presentations at pro-life conferences and banquets, prayer vigils, strategic planning assistance, and individual consultation.

Now you can request one of our speakers and give us some information about the invitation. If you have questions email us at:




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Prolife Activist and the way we win.

Kyleen Wright is the President of Texans For Life Coalition. Kyleen has been working since her teenage years to protect innocent human life. With a business background in marketing and law, she served ably as President of Greater Tarrant Right to Life beginning in 1987. As Vice President of Texans United for Life from 1994 to 2000, Kyleen worked as a chief strategist and planner, lending her considerable talents as a writer, public speaker and public relations liaison to the overall efforts one of the largest prolife organization in Texas. As the mother of four young men, she knows firsthand the importance of protecting and guiding our young people if our country is to remain strong in the future.

Think about having our speakers come to your program to discuss the significance of this historical event and the role prayer can play. The speaker gets to share insight and perspective. Our guest speakers welcome the opportunity to speak to your small group or organization. Life can be discussed and prayed for as a community. Together, we can surely stop abortion.

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