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THE FIGHT IS ON... [Legislative Update]

We just passed the halfway mark of the 140 term of the 85th session of the Texas Legislature, which as you know, only meets every other year. Our Priority Bills are moving in both chambers!

Take a look:

Partial Birth Abortion Ban (SB 8 Schwertner, HB 200 Burkett) Has passed in the Senate; Heard in House State Affairs The bill seeks to end the illegal trafficking in baby body parts by enacting a state ban on partial birth abortion that can be enforced by Texas and bans the use of organs and tissue from elective abortions for research.

• Humane Treatment of Bodies of Unborn Babies (HB 201/HB 35 Cook) Has been heard in House State Affairs; Similar measure has passed in the Senate The bill seeks to provide the humane disposition for the bodies of unborn babies after abortion.

​Has been heard in House State Affairs Committee The bill would require hospitals and facilities treating patients for abortion complications to report the complications as abortion complications, rather than reporting them under the broader category of maternal health as is the current practice.

• Ban Wrongful Birth Lawsuits (SB 25 Creighton, HB 434 Simmons) Has passed in the Senate; has been referred to the House State Affairs Committee which is set to hear it on April 5th The bill would remove a cause of action if a child is born with a fetal anomaly or handicap that was not caused by negligence by the doctor.

• Forced Abortions & Sex Trafficking (SB 1377 Buckingham, HB 2858 Burns) Referred to State Affairs in both chambers This bill addresses abortion & the sex trafficking industry by requiring signage in abortion clinics with the National Sex Trafficking Hotline and increases penalties for forced or coerced abortion.

• Stopping State & Local Abortion Subsidies (SB 855 Campbell, HB 1936 Springer) Referred to Senate Health & Human Services and House State Affairs. Has been set for a hearing in House State Affairs for April 5th This bill would prohibit state and local governments from entering into contracts with abortion providers or affiliates.

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