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TLC has identified and is backing a record number of life-saving bills this legislative session, and

Last week, the Senate held hearings on the Texas Born Alive Infant Protection Act (SB 23-Kolkhorst), and Informed Consent clean-up bill (SB 24-Lucio) and the bill that would prohibit local government contracts with abortion providers or their affiliates (SB 22-Campbell). All three were voted out of committee! SB 22 was subsequently passed by the full senate and sent to the House for consideration. All of these bills are priorities for Texans for Life.

The Texas Born Alive Infant Protection Act was heard Monday of last week. Democratic members of that committee, all women who ardently support abortion, boycotted the committee and refused to hear testimony from abortion survivors: Gianna Jesson, Claire Culwell and Carrie Fisher. Three of the state representatives boycotting the hearing are from North Texas: Victoria Neave (D-Dallas), Yvonne Davis (D-Dallas) and Julie Johnson (D-Carrollton, Coppell). The fourth woman, Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) has long worked to kill pro-lifelegislation.

Undeterred by their antics, the House committees scheduled additional hearings on two more of our priority bills for Monday, April 1.

The Trigger Ban (HB 2350-Capriglione), which would ban abortion when and as Roe v. Wade crumbles or falls, was heard, along with the House version the ban on local government contracts with abortion providers (HB 1929-Noble).

In testimony, a physician described her work as an ob/gyn, noting that her work involves two patients: the mother and baby, and that she can be held liable for mistreating either patient. Several excellent witnesses from Pregnancy Resource Centers gave testimony to the tremendous support network now available to women, including Glenda Garrison, a registered nurse and founder of Aledo’s The Flourishing Tree.

The Trigger Ban is a top priority for Texans for Life, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops and Texas Alliance for Life. With Roe v. Wade on the ropes, a Trigger Ban is the firewall we need.

With only 52 days left in the 86th regular session of the legislature, expect marathon hearings covering more of the pro-life bills we are tracking, and look for more bills to be voted out of both chambers. We are hard at work, and will keep you posted!

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