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SCOTUS Abandons Women in Devastating Decision Reversing HB 2 Protections

This decision is devastating to the many women who have suffered at the hands of substandard abortion doctors and clinics - and the many more to come.

Texans for Life was the lead proponent for hospital admitting privileges after a pro-choice woman pressed us to act on her behalf after a bad abortion experience. At her urging, we investigated only to learn her abortion doctor had his hospital admitting privileges revoked for cause. Other doctors had noticed his egregious neglect of patients and responded by revoking his privileges and then taking the extra step of notifying the Texas Medical Board. Only then did the medical board sanction and fine the doctor.

Currently abortion doctors and clinics sidestep abortion reporting requirements by telling women to go straight to the emergency room if they experience complications, masking the risk women face every day in these substandard medical conditions.

Kyleen Wright, Texans for Life President, insists, "Women seeking abortion deserve better, and we continue to fight for their rights and protection."

Texans for Life will continue to press for the right of women seeking abortion to expect the same high standards other surgical patients enjoy.


Texans for Life Coalition is one of the state's largest and oldest non-profit organizations dedicated to ending abortion through education and legislative advocacy.

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