May 2, 2017

Spring is all about the celebration of new life. April showers have indeed brought May flowers. The natural beauty of Texas wildlife is on display and new flowers have begun to bloom. As we enjoy the sunny weather and celebrate signs of new life.  We should also celebrate all the work done by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in the Senate and Chairman Byron Cook in the House to promote and support a culture of life in Texas.

Texas is blessed with an abundance of pro-life ministries, including approximately 200 pregnancy help centers. Our state has birthed ma...

Texas Legislature only meets every other year. Our Priority Bills are moving in both chambers! HB200 HB35 HB201 HB2962 HB2858 HB434 SB1602 SB25

Only ten cents out of every federal sex education dollar is devoted to Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) education, but recent data shows that the approach is more relevant today than it was 25 years ago.

SRA education provides a holistic approach that helps teens understand that while sex can be a wonderful part of being human, sex as a teen is a risk behavior that can have life-altering effects. While giving medically accurate information on reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, STDs and contraception, Sexual Risk Avoidance education focuses on normalizing s...

We are six weeks into the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, and well over a dozen pro-life bills have been filed. Both chambers have now issued committee assignments, meaning the real work begins.

Texans for Life has chosen to focus our energy on passing these priority measures:

  Is Texas really trying to shame women? Check out this story from Quorum Report, reprinted here with permission, for a good tutorial on the issue.Abortion advocates file suit to block fetal burial rule in Texas (published by Quorum Report, December 12, 2016)
Chairman Cook fires back that this neither about abortion access nor a reaction to the SCOTUS ruling on HB 2

Abortion providers have filed suit to oppose newly adopted rules requiring the cremation or burial of the remains of aborted fetuses, which they allege is a ploy to put the cost of abor...

Last week the Department of State Health Services published long overdue draft rules for the humane and dignified disposition of human fetal remains. Support of these rules is something on which people on both sides of the fractious abortion debate can find common ground.  Regardless of one’s definition -- unborn babies, products of conception, fetuses, embryos, etc. -- the fact is they are fully human remains and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, the same respect provided for human bodies donated for scientific research. 

The strong tr...

June 27, 2016

This decision is devastating to the many women who have suffered at the hands of substandard abortion doctors and clinics - and the many more to come.  

Texans for Life was the lead proponent for hospital admitting privileges after a pro-choice woman pressed us to act on her behalf after a bad abortion experience.  At her urging, we investigated only to learn her abortion doctor had his hospital admitting privileges revoked for cause.  Other doctors had noticed his egregious neglect of patients and responded by revoking his privileges and then taking...

April 5, 2016

During our drive home from school one afternoon last year, my then seven-year-old son surprised me with a heartbreaking question. With as much disbelief that a child his age could muster, he said, “Mommy, at school today my friend told me that if a mommy has a baby in her tummy and she decides she does not want it, then she can kill it!” Then he asked, “That’s not true! Is it, mommy?”

Not knowing exactly how to respond to such a question coming from my innocent child, whose six-year-old sister was seated beside him, I took a deep breath and said a qu...

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